From Toulouse

8 days

Hiking on sacred path GRAND TOUR

& best of scenery landscapes to beautiful villages

Beginner & Intermediate Option level

Price: €2,200

Hiking on sacred path GRAND TOUR

& best of scenery landscapes to beautiful villages

5 days hiking (3 to 5 hours per day for intermediate level)

Departure  Le Puy en Velay
Arriving Bilbao

This hike is available for beginner and intermediate levels.
An english-speaking guide will hike with you & accompaign you all along the path.
You can walk with lightweight bag you need for the day's hiking without carrying large luggage.

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per person : 2,200 €
Charter : 5,500 € (1-4 people) 7,700 € (5-7 people) 

An french driver, your english-speaking guide will hike & accompaign you all along the path.
*Customers' meals, lodging and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 2,270 Km

Day 1

Stay on night before departure witch is a 1hour driving from Lyon city is our best advice. Possibility to arrange transportation and booking for free.

After leaving Le Puy where, take a pilgrimage hike through the vast Aubrac Plateau. One word: freedom...
You can choose the beginner (3 hours hike) or intermediate (5 hours and a half hike) level according to your physical fitness.

It is a popular course for families with children as you can hike while looking to the transhumance Aubrac beef.
From June to July, you can see many plateau plants in the grasslands. Really preserved place.

At lunchtime, a cow herder stays during the summer migration, called Buron, and propose you meal in a restaurant that has been renovated in a stone hut where cheese was made with milk that was squeezed every day. Enjoy a mixture of potato puree called Arigo and cheese from this region, or a steak of aubrac beef.
Aubrac cattle are those raised by grazing in the highlands after grazing for more than 4 months.

Overnight stay in St-Eulalie d'Olt, registered in France's most beautiful villages list. Romanesque and Gothic churches and lovely houses line up. Water mills and canals from the leather industry period was alive remain in a quiet village. Lovely.

Day 2

Pilgrimage hike through beautiful villages along the Lot River also this 17 km part is classified Unesco Worl heritage.

You can choose the beginner's level or the intermediate level according to your physical strength.
For each hike, spend your sightseeing time in three of the most beautiful villages in France.

At St Come d'olt you can see a little unusual architecture and feel something like an anciant french way of living...
The church spire in the center of the village has a spiral shape, and the roofs of farms and houses have a ship-bottom shape.

Drive to Espalion and take a 3-hour hike to an other most beautiful and classified village:
Estaing has beautiful churches, Gothic castles and bridges.
Houses are lined with gray walls made of shale and black roofs called Lauze.
It's a pretty village, so please take a walk after lunch.

You might stay in the so famous and wonderfull village of Conques.
We will stay in the prosperous Conques centered around the church of Saint-Fore, which has been protected since the end of the 8th century by Emperor Karl.
Around the 11th century, the second-floor part of the church of Sainte-Foy, called the Tampan, is said to be the masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture.
There are also directions to two sites with a panoramic view on the village.
*Every night from April to October, enjoy the church's organ concert from 21:30 and a light up from 22:15.

Day 3

Head to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, one of the most beautiful villages in France, visiting small churches along the Pilgrim's Way.
After visiting the view spot, take a walk through the lovely medieval village on the cliff along the river.

After lunch, we will depart for a hike to Rocamadour, which is located on the precipitous cliff.
We will hike on the limestone plateau for about an half hour and then slowly getting down hiking in the Alzou Canyon.
The appearance of Rocamador suddenly appears on a steep cliff: very mysterious and spiritual.

Rocamadour has flourished as a pilgrimage site after Rome in the Middle Ages, and has a large sanctuary.
Since you are staying in this village, you can enjoy illumination at night.
Also your guide will accompaign you to the view point where you can see the whole sanctuary-village from the valley.

*If you wish to arrive at Rocamador early, you can shorten the hike to 2 hours from the bottom of the valley.



Day 4

In Cahors, you will visit the Santiago Pilgrimage cathedral (the Gothic corridor is a must) and the 14th-century Valentre Bridge over the Lot River.
The bridge allowed pilgrims to drive south without making a roundabout trip. After arriving in Lauzerte where the medieval cityscape is beautiful, you will have a meal.
The small cobblestone village on the hill has a fortified city in the town of Bastides and houses Colombage houses.
After Lauzerte, you will descend the limestone plateau and the scenery will be followed by a small hill.
You can see the patchwork-like rural landscape of fruit fields, wheat fields, sunflower fields, and pastures.

An important pilgrimage route to Santiago, head to Moissac with the Saint-Pierre Abbey, a symbol of Medieval Romanesque art.
The monastery, built in the 6th century, contains the final judgment of the Tampan, and the 11th-century cloister has 76 beautiful stigma carvings.
Along with the conquered tampan, you will see the tampan, which is said to be the best masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture, and deepen your knowledge of pilgrimage hiking.

Overnight in on of the most beautiful village of France, Lectoure, the entrance to Gascony area.
During the day you can lend keys to climb the cathedral and overlook the Pyrenees and hill country side.

Day 5

Let's hike a two and half hour pilgrimage route for beginners from the nearby village to La Romieu (meaning pilgrim).
About France ,Gascony region is very popular for english speaking people who spend a relaxing vacation there: vast farmland spreads and produces French special products such as Armagnac liquor and foie gras.

During the second half of the hike, we will walk towards the church registered on the Pilgrimage Route of Santiago.

We will have lunch in the fortress city of Laressingle, which is known as the little Carcassonne. A jewell...

Head south to the Basque Country, overlooking the majestic Pyrenees.

Visit Saint- Palais's atelier Basque linen. You can see the machine weaving colorful threads.
There are currently only three factories where bask linen are producted in such an atelier.
In addition to stripes and checks based on green, red and white, you can also shop with lovely cherry linen.

Overnight stay in a village near Saint-Jean-Pied-Port.
* If you are tired, do not hike in La Romieu on this day, visit the beautiful village before heading to the Basque country.

Day 6

Take a 3-hours pilgrimage hike from the intersection of three of the four pilgrimage routes through France: Tour, Limoges and Le Puy.
Pass through the rural farmland of the mountain Basque and leisurely head towards Saint-Jean-Pied-Port while watching livestock such as sheep and cows.

Take a walk through the pilgrimage route of Santiago, Saint Jean Pied Port, the last post town on the French side.

Just off the pilgrimage road, head to Espelette where you can enjoy the food of the Basque country side.
It is a production area of ​​savory peppers with little spiciness that is used abundantly in Basque cuisine, so please try it.
There are specialty stores in the village colored with pepper, so please enjoy your shopping slowly.

Head to the quiet village of Ainhoa, a beautiful village.
The village is located 730 km to the final point of the pilgrimage route, Santiago de Compostela.
The village, which flourished as a post town on the Spanish border around the 13th century, can see traditional Basque traditional houses built around the 17th century.

We advice you to stay in Saint Jean de Luz, where m any boats are anchored in the harbor witch is specialized in tuna fishing. On the background Mount La Rhune where basque's divinity live is dominating. Also famous for the wedding of Louis XIV and Queen Maria Therese.
See the church built for the wedding ceremony, Enjoy shopping cotton shoes called espadrilles, bass linen, and a rustic style almond-flavored macaroons (cookie) that Louis XIV preferred.

Day 7

Mt. La Rhune, a symbol of "Euskadi" country (meaning "Basque"), is rocked by a wooden mountain train.

From the top, you can overlook the majestic mountains of French Basque, Spain, and the sea that extends to the back. *Operating from March 26 to early November

Drive along the scenic coastline to Hondarribia in Basque Country, Spain. Salty wind in approach.
The coastal landscape and far-flung pasture landscapes are registered as protected areas.

In the small port of Hondarribia , you can explore the old town as well as explore the all streets.
Take a stroll through the colorful Maison Basques and plazas from the Parador in the Old district.
Enjoy it at the famous Pinchos (thin sliced ​​bread with anchopi and cod side dishes) or the restaurant (reservation required) famous for serving the world's most delicious fish soup made by remodeling a fisherman's house.

In the small bay of Pasea, which once flourished as a shipyard, you can take a small boat from Donebane to San Pedro on the opposite bank.

After arriving to San Sebastian, we will guide you to the igueldo observatory, where you can overlook La Concha Bay, which means scallop in Spanish regarding to a great symbol for pilgrims.
There are also many tapas bars in the old city. Known as a gastronomic town, gourmets from all over the world are gathering and bustling until late at night.
Enjoy the famous pinchos (thin sliced ​​bread with anchopi and cod side dishes), and a slightly sparkling white wine called Txacoli.

Day 8

Visit Getaria, the producer area of Txacoli, a sparkling & refreshing white wine made from green grapes .
Also registered as a pilgrimage route to Santiago, this vineyard extends over the steep cliffs of the Bay of Biscay.

From the departure point of this trip, Le Puy, to the final stop on the pilgrimage route, Santiago de Compostela, hike the coastal statue located about half way.
It is said to be the most beautiful in the way of the Santiago pilgrimage, Deba - Zumaya 's 5 hours course including breaks. Unforgetable!
Walk through endless meadows along the coast of the blue Bay of Biscay.
Although it climbs and descends repeatedly, it is registered as a reserve road because it can reach Santiago without going through the harsh roads of the Pyrenees.

The tour will end in Bilbao.


Day 1
08:00 Departure from Le Puy
10:00-16:00 Aubrac 3 hour hike   
17:00 Arriveal to St eulalie (hotel)

Day 2
09:00 St eulalie
09:30-10:30 St Come D olt
11:00-1200 Bosul
12:30-15:00 Estaing
16:00 Arrival to Conc (hotel)

Day 3
08:00 Conques
10:00-11:30 Sat cirq lapopie
13:00-14:30 Lunch in Cele Valley Village
14:30-18:00 2h 1/2 hours hiking to Rocamadour

18:00 Arrival to Rocamador (hotel)

4 日目
09:00                   ロカマドール発
10:15~11:30      カオール
12:15~15:00      ロゼルト
15:30~16:30      モワサック
17:00~17:30      オヴィラー写真休憩
18:00                  レクトゥール着(ホテルへ)

Day 5
08:00 Lectour
08:30-11:00 2h30 hiking to La Romieu
11:00-11:30 La Romieu
12:00-13:30 Larressingle
16:30-17:30 Saint-Palais  
19:00 auberge near St-J-Pied port

Day 6
07:30 departure from basque auberge
08:00-11:00 Fr Mt Basque 3-hours hiking
11:30-12:30 Saint-Jean-Pied Port
13: 15-15 :30 Esplette
15: 45-16 :30 Ainhoa
17:00 Arrival to Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Day 7
09:00            Saint-Jean-de-Luz  
09:30-12:00  Lune Mountain Railway
12: 45-15 :00 Hondarribia
15:30-16:00   San Pedro-Donebane
16:30            San Sebastian

Day 8
08:00 San Sebastian
08:30-09:00 Getaria Photo break
09:30-17:00 Spanish basque Seaside 4h30 hiking
18:00 Arrival to Bilbao (hotel)