From Bordeaux

2 days

Sarlat by Night in Dordogne & Beautiful Villages

Price: 600 €

Sarlat by Night in Dordogne & Beautiful Villages 

... itinearary extend the foot to Collonges-la-Rouge and Rocamadour

journey thema Santiago pilgrimage road, World Heritage four, World Natural Heritage one, six beautiful villages in countryside
local scenery   hills, rivers, valleys, limestone plateaus, vineyards and meadows

per person : 600 €
Charter : 1,500 € (1-4 people) 2,100 € (5-7 people) 

French driver in english I will guide you.
*Customers' meals, lodging and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 580 Km

Day 1

Visit Lascaux IV cave paintings (a faithful reproduction of the real thing), the most famous of the archeological districts extending from the Vezer Valley to Montignac and said to have been drawn by the Cromagnon 15,000 years ago . ..

See three beautiful villages of Dordogne. Enjoy a short cruise on the Dordogne River, which is a World Natural Heritage site at La Roque Gageac .
(Reservation required for river descent: From November to the end of March, the village will be closed for a walk.)

You can also dine while enjoying the spectacular view of the Dordogne region from the terrace of an auberge.
Please let us know if you would like to make a reservation. Now peacefull place to live, a mix of local and english architecture has been built up to defend the area from the top of the hill.

At Benac, you can see the Benac castle standing on the cliff, which was the stage of the 100-year war over the succession of the French throne.

A pioneer of the French Revolution, staying at Sarlat, where the famous French artist La Boetie was born and raised .
Many restaurants and souvenir shops line the "Liberte Square" (Freedom Square).

*Optional: You can change the Lascaux tour to visit Saint-Emilion village and experience the winery.

Day 2

Climb the limestone plateau to the Holy Land of Rocamador, which is built on the top of the cliffs along the valley .
Upon arrival, we will guide you to some superb view spots.
On the way down to the village, please visit the sanctuary, cathedral, chapel, etc. have a photo break at one of the picturesque villages of Carennac and visit the lovely red stone town of Colonges La Rouge. It is also famous as the birthplace of the "French most beautiful villages" association.
The entire village, including the church, is built using red sandstone from the region. Many aristocratic houses remain, and eight are listed as historic buildings.
It will be dissolved in Bordeaux.

*There is a popular Marchet on Saturday in Sarlat, so it is possible to delay the departure time on the second day. (Time may be shortened at each visiting place)


Day 1
08:00 Bordeaux departure
10:45 12:30 Lascaux cave Ⅳ
13: 30 ~17: 00 Domme + La roque gageac + Benac-et-Cazenac
18:00 Sarlat arrival (hotel)

Day 2
09:00 Departing Sarlat
10:15~12:00 Rocamador
13:00~15:30 Colonges La Rouge
18:00 Arriving in Bordeaux