From Toulouse

4 days

10 beautiful villages to Carcassonne, Rocamadour & Conques by night

Price: 980 €

10 beautiful villages to Carcassonne, Rocamadour & Conques by night

Santiago pilgrimage road, the Cathars acquaintance land, 17th-century pastel trade, medieval castle, cave art of the prehistoric
landscape of the journey   Okayakawa, valley, limestone plateau, vineyards, wheat fields, sunflower fields (in early July)

One person : 980 €
Charter : 2,450 € (1-4 people) 3,430 € (5-7 people) 

A French driver will guide you in Japanese.
*Customers' meals, accommodation and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 850 Km

Day 1

We 'll take you to the Valentre Bridge over the Lot River built in the 14th century and the view spot overlooking the town of Cahors during a walk.

There are many “beautiful French villages” along the Dordogne Valley, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2015. Have lunch in the medieval fortified city of Domme, which overlooks the valley .
Take a break at the Benac , the setting of the movie Jeanne d'Arc, and La Roques Gageac , where you can contemplate the the river down while looking at the castle or enjoy a cruise.
(Reservation is needed:. From November to the end of March will be exploring the village for the suspended service)

Shopping in the center of the southwest French Sarlat, found Perigord local specialty, sweets with walnuts, duck and goose Fiagura Please enjoy patties, putties, truffles, etc.
*If Saturday is the second day, the morning market will be held in Sarlat, so the departure time can be delayed.

Day 2

Lascaux cave paintings (a faithful reproduction of the real one) , the most famous archeological districts extending from the Vezer Valley to Montignac and said to have been drawn by the Cromagnon 15,000 years ago . .. classified world heritage.

Visit the two beautiful villages of Correze, with its meadows, Turenne (pictured rest) built on a hill and the collonges la rouge , which is built entirely of red sandstone .

From everywhere, picturesque, popular stone houses visit the lovely Carrenac and travel through the limestone plateau, the gateway to the Quercy region, to Rocamador , a pilgrimage site built on cliffs .
There is also a guide to the view point where you can overlook the village, and you can enjoy the night view from the opposite bank.

Day 3

Visit Saint-Cirq-Lapopie , the most popular and classified as "the most beautiful villages of France" .
The village, which has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages, thrived in the wine trade with Cahors via the Lot River.

Belcastel means a beautiful castle in French, after visiting cross the 14th century stone bridge built up to Aveyron river and contemplate the all middle age village houses dominated by its castle.

You will enjoy a stay at Conques, which is called the secret zone of Occitani . Enjoy the tampans of the Sainte-Foy Church, the masterpiece of medieval sculpture, and the treasure house in the corridor. There are also directions to two view points with a panoramic view of the village.
*In the church, an illumination organ concert and tampan lighting will be held every night from April to the end of October.

Day 4

We will guide you to the hills overlooking Cordes sur Ciel village, a fortified "city in the sky" .
When pastel was produced in the region, this small village became known in many European countries as a source of fine textiles, and many merchants visited it.

In the Bishop's city of Albi , from the opposite bank of the Tarn River, we will take you to a view spot overlooking the World Heritage listed brick old town and Pont Vieux Bridge.
After your meal, take a walk around the rosy town and visit the cathedral.

Take a break at the Canal du Midi view spot and head to the World Heritage Carcassonne.
*Optional: If you depart from Conch 8:00, you can visit the "beautiful village" Lautrec village in Tarn.


Day 1
08:00 From Toulouse
9:30-10:30 Cahors
12:00-14:00 Donm
14:15-16:30 La Roque Gageac
16: 45-17 :45 Benac et Cazenac
18 :15 Arriving at Sarla (hotel)

Day 2
09:00 From Sarla
09:30~12:00 Lascaux
13:00~15:30 Cologne la Rouge
16:15~17:00 Carenac

17:30 Arrive at Rocamador (hotel

Day 3
09:00 Departure from Rocamador
10: 30-13 :30 Saint-Cirq-Lapopie
15:00-16:00 Belcastel
17:00 Arrive at Conques (hotel)

Day 4
08:30 Departure from Conques
10:45-12:30 Cordes-sur-Ciel
13:00-15:30 Albi
18:30 Arriving at Carcassonne hotel