From Bordeaux

4 days

Lourdes by night

Pyrenees wonders


Basque country to sea side

Price: €1,200

Lourdes by night, Pyrenees wonders & Basque country to seaside

Basque Country and Pyrenees to Toulouse

Departure place Bordeaux
arrival place Toulouse
* You can also departure from Toulouse.
(In that case, we do not visit wineries near Bordeaux)

Travel theme Santiago Pilgrimage route, Spain, French Basque specialty
Travel scenery  Vineyard, cedar forest, sea and mountains, meadow


per person : 1,200 €
Charter : 3,000 € (1 to 4 people) 4,200 € (5 to 7 people) 

French driver will guide you in english.
*Customers' meals, accommodation and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 920 Km

Day 1

Visit one chateau in Bordeaux. You can choose one from the following three.
Please let us know your wishes when you contact us.
① Medoc region (5th grade Cinquièmes Crus rated in 1855)
② Saint-Emilion region (Grand Crus Classés)
③ Sauternes region (Grand crus classés)

Lunch near Sauternes Chateau and head to the Basque region.
Pass through the pine forest to the entrance to the Basque Country and head to Bayonne, which has its origin in the meting of two rivers.
The old town at the confluence of the two rivers flourished as a trading port. Market and popular event fix the rythm there.
Take a tour of the Sainte-Marie cathedral and cloister, or have a walk through the famous ham and chocolate shop.

Overnight in Biarritz, which has flourished as a resort for nobles since the 19th century .
Fashionable boutiques and restaurants line the Atlantic coast resort with surfers and families.
Near the old port where whale fishing was done is the Rock of the Virgin, which was erected to pray for the safety sailors.

Day 2

Swing up on the wooden La Rhune mountain train and climb up to 905m above the mountain, overlooking the Basque Country.
From the train window, you can see small horses, sheep, and eagles called Potock.
*Operates from March 26 to early November

We will head to the small tuna fishing port town of Saint Jean de Luz, located on atlantic cost, which was famous for the wedding of Louis XIV and Queen Mary Therese .
Visit a church with an inverted hull for a wedding, a cotton shoe called espadrilles, a basque linen hand made shop. Enjoy shopping at shops such as a rustic almond flavor that Louis XIV preferred called macaroons (which are completely different from Paris one).

Drive along the coast road, which cannot be reached by train or bus, to San Sebastian on the Spanish Sea Basque .
The coastal landscape and far-flung pasture landscapes are registered as protected areas.
After arriving in San Sebastian, we will visit the igueldo observatory overlooking La Concha Bay, which means scallop in Spanish reguarding to the pilgrim path until Santiago de Compostella.
In the old town, there are many tapas bars lined up, so please enjoy the famous pintxos (thin sliced ​​bread with anchobi and cod side dishes) and the white wine with a slight sparkle called Txacoli.

Day 3

In the small Basque village of Ainoa , you can see traditional Basque traditional houses built around the 17th century.
It is located 730 km to the final point of the pilgrimage route, Santiago de Compostela, and has flourished as a post town on the border of Spain from the 13th century.

Famous as the village of pepper Espelette lets takes a lunch in a lovely restaurant.
There are many specialties such as ground veal ash, piperard, local wine called irroulegy, apple cider, sheep cheese called Osso Iraty, cherry jam from neighboring village Itxassou and basque pastry. Visit the traditional Basque country house and the Notre Dame church built in the 14th century at La Bastide Clerance, which is registered as one of the most beautiful village of France list.
*If you go to Lourdes through the mountain Basque mountain pass and small villages instead of the highway, you will not visit La Bastide Clerance.

Overnight at Lourdes, the holy land of the Catholic Church.
The spring that springs from the cave where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared is famous for causing miraculous water.
You can get water from the nearby faucet, so please take it back home.
*Anyone can participate in the Lourdes candlestick procession (Procession Mariale) starting from 21:00.
(April to the end of October. It will not be held due to weather conditions or special religious events)

Day 4

Over 100,000 years, the glaciers will shave the mountains, and the erosion will result in a 2 hours hiking in the 1700m-high and 5km-wide giant Gavarnie Valley.
Take a stroll along the riverside promenade where there is not much difference in elevation, while looking at the highest waterfall in Europe. If you
are not confident in your physical strength, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery from the cafe near the village. You can also have a picnic.

Follow the Tour de France famous for its pass in Pyrenees National Park to the Pic du Midi.
Climb the ropeway to 2,877m and you'll find a magnificent view of the Pyrenees of Spain and France, previously only accessible to astronomers.
*There are regular holidays in May and each month.

Arrival in Toulouse.


Day 1
08:00 Bordeaux
09: 30-13 :15 Winery

16:00-17:00 Bayonne
17:30 Biarritz Arrival (hotel)

Day 2
08:30 Departing Biarritz
09:30-12:30 La Rhune (Mountain railway)
13:00-15:30 Saint-Jean-de-Luz
16:30 arrival in San Sebastian (hotel)

Day 3
09:00 Departure from San Sebastian
10:15-10:45 Ainhoa
11:00-13:30 Espelette
14:00-15:00 La Bastide Clairance
17:00 Arrive to Lourdes (hotel)

Day 4
08:30 Lourdes
10:00-13:30 Gavarnie Valley
14: 30-16 :30 Pic du Midi Observatory

19:00 Arrival in Toulouse