From Toulouse

2 days

Conques at Night & Visit of beautiful classified villages

Price: 500 €

2-Day Tour
Conques at Night from Toulouse Tour of France's Beautiful Villages

wondering tour to enjoy the night view of Conques

Trip theme Santiago Pilgrimage Road, 3 World Heritage Sites, 4 Beautiful Villages, Catari Schools, 17th Century Pastel Trade
Travel Views  Small hills, rivers, valleys, limestone plateaus, vineyards, wheat fields, sunflower fields (early July)

Price per
person : 500 €
Charter : 1,250 € (1 to 4 people) 1,750 € (5 to 7 people) 

French driver will guide you in Japanese.
*Customers' meals, accommodation and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 570 Km

Day 1

Drive through the vineyards of the Gaillac to Cordes -sur-Ciel , a fortified city in the sky .
Built by the Counts of Toulouse in 1222, this village is typical of the style (Bastide) with a market instead of a church.
Before visiting the village, you will also be guided to a hill with a panoramic view of the village.

In the Bishop's city of Albi , we will guide you to the view spot overlooking the Old Town and Pont Vieux Bridge from the opposite bank of the Tarn River.
The cathedral of Sainte Cecil was built by the Catholic Pope, who controlled the Cathars that spread in southwestern France, to show their dignity.
Visit the Bellby Palace, which is now used as the Lautrec Museum.

Aveyron nestled along the river "the most beautiful village of France" belcastel take a photo break in. Conc, which is
difficult to access on a personal trip, has many attractions, such as the Tampang of Saint-Fore Church, which is said to be the masterpiece of medieval sculpture, and the treasure house in the corridor.
There are also directions to two view points with a panoramic view of the village.
The church holds an organ concert and illumination every night from April to October.
*When visiting the Lautrec Museum in Albi, you can only take a photo break at Belcastel.

Day 2

Visit medieval villages and towns along the calcareous valley.
Figeac take a photo break in, especially popular among the lot river along the valley "beautiful village" Saint-Cyr-Rapopi you visited.
Take a leisurely stroll through the lovely fairytale-like village of the Middle Ages.
You can also have a picnic in the picturesque village of the Serre Valley.

Rocamador site , which sticks to the precipice , will guide you to the observatory overlooking the village.
Visit sanctuaries, cathedrals, chapels, and look for Black Mary in a maze of intricate rooms.
After going down the pilgrimage stairs and meeting with the driver on the main street of the village, we will guide you to the view point on the opposite bank of the valley.
*Optional: If you wish to visit the beautiful villages of Autoire and Loubressac, you will departure Conques village at 8:00.


Day 1
08:00 From Toulouse
09:30-11:00 Cordes-sur-Ciel
11:30-14:30 Albi
15: 30-16 :00 Belcastel
17:00 Arrival at Conques (hotel)

Day 2
09:00 Departure from Conques
11:00-14 :00 St cirq lapopie

15:30-17:00 Rocamador
19:00 Arrival in Toulouse (hotel)