From Basque Country

A local tour from Basque Country will take you to “World Heritages” and “Beautiful French Villages: Les plus beaux villages de France” which are not easily accessible for private travel. Our tour includes also Spanish Basque country.

Biarritz or San Sebastian are usually the departure points to come back for a daily tour or to join Bilbao international airport. From Paris to Biarritz flight is available.

There are also trains from Paris to Bordeaux and then to Biarritz.

The Basque region is an area located along the Atlantic Ocean and the west part Pyrenees Mountains.

Tours from Biarritz (Bilbao or San Sebastian citties) offer 3 different itineraries:  overnights round-the-counter tours in beautiful villages, and a grand four-day tour to  World Heritage sites from country side to cost lands.

Since the tourist spots are far apart, you can spend a few days around the village rather than staying overnight in the same village or returning to departure point. Staying in small villages, where you can't do it by bus tour, will be unforgettable and give wonderful time to spend your holidays.
Enjoy French countryside villages as much as time permits. By car severals seaside sites can be reached easily.

You'll visit places on tour from Biarritz (or San Sebastian) as following:

◆ World Heritage Sites & preserved area

Biscaya Bridge close to Bilbao (Portugalete city), Pilgrim path to Santiago with severals places as villages (Ainhoa), cities (San Sebastian, Bilbao, Bayonne) or sites (Churches & abbey)...Irroulegy & Guetaria vineyard area

◆ France's most beautiful village & countryside

Ainhoa, Espelette, Sare, Saint Jean Pied Port, Aldudes valley, Bastan Valley, Spainish & french whales fishing harbourg...

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Railway montain La Rhune, Abbadie observatory, Shopping, wine tasting and farmers visiting, tapas bar...

◆ French & spanish history, arts, culture & architectures
Abbeys & churches, Colombage (Half-timbered house) Basque Maison, Santiago pilgrims path...