Cathar & Catalonia

A local tour to the Cathar & Catalonia area will take you to “proximity between nature and civilisation" at the bottom of pyrenees mountains in front of mediterranean sea. Farmers to fishermans catalonia culture is evrywhere with its red & yellow lines flag.

Carcassonne is the gate entrance to Corbières area and its mysterious Cathari Castles. The region seems to extend profusely with severals vineyards and orchard area.

Hard acces but preserved countrysides for discover. Handcraft shops or old boulangerie with its mill in a village dominated by a mysterious castle along the mountain peak's line will welcome you while art expression is everywhere practiced.

Barcelona is a lighthouse as a symbol or a cultural motor but how we know about countryside secrets between roman churches & abbeys -the bigger concentration in the world- and highest railway in the all Europe -the so-daily "yellow train" accompaign visitors to beautiful, pastoral and flowered plateau (Cerdagna area french side).

Here Cathar & Catalonia tour offer two itineraries: a "2-day trip", concentrated with cathari castle, roman abbey and medieval old villages in countryside...

then a "3 days trip" available to reach the wonderful cost and feel some spanish night atmosphere.

Make your choice!

Because acces is hard, you can spend a few days around the village rather than staying overnight in the same village or returning to departure point. Staying in small villages, where you can't do it by tour bus, will be unforgettable and give wonderful time to spend your holidays. Slowfood for gentle hiking!

Place of Interest:

◆ World Heritage sites

Vauban fortification in Villefranche de Conflent
...and in few time the 5 major cathari castles

 ◆Activities and local sceneries:

Railway "le train jaune", artcraft & art shops

 ◆ French & spanish history, arts, culture & architecture
Romans architecture is everywhere: church, abbey, village's house, way of cross, arts as Matisse and Picasso or others whom participate to colored catalonia's way of thinking!