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Day trip

Beautiful Village Conques & World Heritage Albi

Price: 260 €

Most Beautiful Village Conques & World Heritage Albi (or Cordes-sur-Ciel)

journey Thema  Beautiful Village, World Heritage
local scenery
  Hills, rivers, vineyards, sunflower fields (early July)

per person : 260 €
Charter : 650 € (1 to 4 people) 910 € (5 to 7 people) 

French driver will guide you in english.
*Customers' meals, accommodation and entrance fees are not included.

Mileage 390 Km


Heading to Conques, one of the pilgrimage sites of "Santiago de Compostela" on the French side, about 3 hours north while admiring the rural scenery .
From the car window, you can see the scenery of wheat fields, corn fields, vineyards, etc.
A quiet village, one of the most popular of the most beautiful villages in France, has many attractions, such as the world heritage-listed church of Saint-Fois church and the treasure house in the corridor.
There are also directions to two view points with panoramic one of the village. 


The bishop of the Albi, a World Heritage Site , will take you from the opposite bank of the River Tarn to an observatory overlooking the Old Town and the Pont Vieux Bridge built in the 11th century.
Visit the Sainte-Cecile Cathedral and the museum of the Albi artist Lautrec.
One of the highlights is the French garden, which is the backyard of the museum. 

* It is possible to change the place of visit from Albi to Cordes-sur-Ciel at the same rate .
Conc 13:30-Cord-sur-Ciel 15:45 Arrival / 17:15-Toulouse 18:45 Arrival *It is possible to finish the tour at Albi after sightseeing in Cordes
. (Arrive at 17:45)


Day 1
08:00 Departs Toulouse
10:45-13:45 Conques
15: 45-17 :30 Albi
18:30 Arrives Toulouse

08:00 Toulouse
09:30-10:30 Cordes-sur-Ciel
12:45-15:00 Conc
17:00-18:30 Albi 
19:30 Toulouse