Pyrenees's valleys overview

A local tour to the Pyrenees's valleys overview will take you to “Wonder of nature" with its 3 national parks. Just think about the tallest waterfall of Europe in a 5 km semi-circular rocky wall! Famous for passes during "Le tour de France" cycling competion, railway or roapway also work to get to sky solar system obervatory or to contemplate preserved blue lakes... as you wish!

1h30 far away from Toulouse, full & colored flowered of grass carpet on forestry valley will make you feel free with fresh air or earing torrents flowing through villages.

Pick up available from Lourdes or Pau cities.

Taking part of Occitanie's south region, crossing national parc to passes, why not taking longer the way to the north part of Spain, between Basque and Catalonia areas, between Atlantic and Mediterrannean ratings secret places are legion! Do not forget Andorra principality...

Here Pyrenees tour offer different itineraries: a "2-day trip", short but effective with destinations not to miss, a "3 days trip" available for more culture and activities to run, then the "Grand Tour" witch cover 3 national parks area, both country sides and various kind of landscapes.

Make your choice!

Because acces is hard, you can spend a few days around the village rather than staying overnight in the same village or returning to departure point. Staying in small villages, where you can't do it by tour bus, will be unforgettable and give wonderful time to spend your holidays. Slowfood for gentle hiking!

Place of Interest:

◆ Natural or World Heritage sites

Lost Mount geological system (both country side) from Gavarnie waterfall to Ordessa canyon, pastoral landscape, wild fauna & flora, old villages with slate stone roofs.

Roman architecture in catalonia, Spain (Taull village)

 ◆National parks of:

French central pyrenees, Spanish side Ordessa & Lost-mount, Catalonia side Santa-Maurici's lake & Aiguestortes area: all of the three are full of wildlife, preserved zones with fauna and flora daily listed... in the air or on the ground, in lakes or in transhumance meadow!

 ◆Activities and local sceneries:

Hiking of course! paraglide, the 2800 m.altitude's Observatory and its roapway, discution with local people as craftman, farmer or baker seen working, outside pic nic with wonderfull panoramic view, canddles night procession in Lourdes Sanctuary, contemplation & observation...

 ◆ French & spanish history, arts, culture & architecture
Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage, Catholic Holy Land of Catholic Church, castles, old villages classified "most beautiful " on both side of borderline.